Frequently Asked Questions

Are your oils therapeutic grade?

Yes and No. Yes because the Journey brand of oils are all 100% pure, therapeutic quality essential oils and carrier oils. No because "Therapeutic Grade" is not a real term used in the Aromatherapy industry. By their very definition, all essential oils are therapeutic grade because they all offer therapeutic benefits.

An essential oil MLM company trademarked the phrase, "Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade" in reference to their essential oils. It has given the impression that their oils are certified and other companies are not and it has caused some confusion in the essential oil industry.

Simply put, their oils are not "certified pure" by any entity but themselves. Neither the FDA nor the government gives any such designation to essential oils. This has brought about many other companies using the term "therapeutic grade" essential oils to show that their oils are also high quality. Please be aware that just because a company uses this term, does not make it true. Because there is no governing body that regulates these terms, anybody can use them, even if their product is low quality and not at all therapeutic.

There is no such thing as therapeutic grade essential oils, so when searching for essential oils, ignore this term. As long as you purchase your oils from a quality company that offers high quality oils, you will receive therapeutic benefits.

We choose to use the term "Therapeutic Quality" because we feel that this more embodies what Journey essential oils actually represent - a high quality essential oil that offers therapeutic benefits.

Why are your oils so inexpensive?

Some people believe that if the product is expensive, it must be better. This is not at all true. Our oils come from their native lands. In fact, most essential oil companies purchase their oils from the same area because in many cases, that is the only place in the world where that particular plant is grown. Plants grown in their natural habitat tend to be healthier than the same plant grown in an area where it doesn’t belong. In return, the oils distilled from those healthier plants are going to be better than oils from inferior plants.

Taking care of our customers is our number 1 priority. This means offering high quality, reasonably priced products. Our profits are humble because we believe in a natural lifestyle, not a company built solely for profit.

Are your oils organic?

Our Essential Oils are not certified organic, but many of our carrier oils are.

In order to keep our prices low, we do not offer Certified Organic Essential Oils. Instead we offer pure, therapeutic quality essential oils. Be confident in our products - there is nothing added to our oils – no bases, fillers, or additives. There is nothing synthetic, fake, phony, or man-made. They are unadulterated, undiluted, and 100% pure therapeutic quality oils just the way Nature intended. There is no room at Journey for inferior oils – we want to provide you with only the best.

Does Journey do animal testing?

Absolutely not! We are animals lovers and give to several animal charities. I couldn't imagine doing anything so cruel.

Do your oils contain chemicals?

No. As mentioned above, our oils come from plants that are grown without chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and unnatural fertilizers. With Journey you are getting 100% pure essential oils with the bare minimum of processing.

How do I know Journey Essential Oils are pure?

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure our oils are superior in every way. Each lot is GC (Gas Chromatograph) tested and if it is inferior and doesn't meet our guidelines, it is not sold by us. GC testing separates an oil into its different components to test the quality of our oils to guarantee each lot offers the exceptional quality we expect.

Can I ingest your essential oils?

You absolutely should not ingest essential oils without working with a Certified Aromatherapist. Consuming an essential oil may offer many internal benefits. However, because of their concentrated nature, they are dangerous. There have been cases where people have died from ingesting too much essential oil or ingesting the wrong one. There are several that you should never, ever ingest no matter what and you need to use extreme caution with all the others.

Our essential oils are always labeled "For external use only". This is for your safety.

If you want to ingest oils, please work with a professional. Don't get info from the internet and think it's safe. It's not.

Where do Journey Essential Oils come from?

Our oils come from all over the world, including here in the USA. We prefer to purchase oils that are grown in their native country. This ensures a high quality oil from a high quality plant.

What is an EO?

EO is an abbreviation for Essential Oil.

What is a CO?

CO is an abbreviation for Carrier Oil.

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

No. We prefer to sell directly to our customers. This helps us keep prices low and allows us to serve you better.

Are Essential Oils Safe during Pregnancy?

Yes our oils are safe, as long as you are using essential oils that are safe during pregnancy. The oils you can use while pregnant are limited. We have answered this question more thoroughly here.

Are Essential Oils Safe for Children?

Yes. But you must use child safe essential oils at no more than a 1% dilution. See the oils we recommend as well as a more thorough answer here.

Do you offer free samples?

No. Keeping our prices affordable means we cannot offer free samples. Our 5 ml essential oils are the perfect size to test out any oil you would like to sample.

Do you have any coupons or discounts?

We do offer coupons, discounts, and sales from time to time. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on facebook, and our blog. You never know where a discount may pop up!

How do I use essential oils?

We have a wonderful guide - The Essentials Guide - that offers fast and easy recipes for using essential oils, carrier oils, and synergy blends. Be sure to check it out. We also post recipes and tips on our blog. Subscribe to our RSS feed so you never miss out on our posts, or just visit whenever you like.

Do essential oils have an expiration date?

No. One lovely thing about essential oils is that they do not expire. If you keep them stored in a cool, dry place out of direct light and in a dark glass bottle, they can last for several years. However, essential oils will begin to oxidize and deteriorate over time. When this happens, the therapeutic properties get weaker and weaker until they no longer work. As long as you store them as suggested, you should still get the therapeutic benefits for 2-5 years or longer.

How do I dilute essential oils?

We recommend a 2-3% dilution for adults and no more than a 1% dilution for children. Because essential oils are very concentrated substances, you just don't need to use a lot of it when applying to your skin. This is safe, it conserves the essential oil, and it saves you money.

Can I use your essential oils neat?

NO. Please do not ever use essential oils directly on the skin without diluting. See our more in-depth answer here.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes! Shipping is always free within the USA.

For all shipping questions, please refer to our shipping policies.

We also have a Reference and Safety Section that has in-depth oil information. If after checking there, we still have not answered your question, please contact us. We are here to help you in any way we can on your essential oil journey.

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