Citrus Boost

Citrus Boost

$ 599

is an uplifting synergy blend with a bright and sunny aroma. It is excellent for cleaning, lifting energy levels, and simply brightening up your day.

Cedarwood Atlas  eases stress, depression, and mental strain.

Grapefruit  improves the memory, soothes tension, and promotes happiness.

Lemon  is another happy oil that helps brighten your day. It is also highly cleansing and an excellent disinfectant, perfect for cleaning.

Lime  has a fresh, uplifting aroma that helps with a happy outlook and a clear mind.

Sweet Orange  essential oil can simply brighten your day. It's an excellent cleanser with a lovely scent that uplifts and brings energy.


Quick Tip #1:
  Combine 20 drops Citrus Boost, 1 oz distilled water, and 1 oz distilled white vinegar. Use to clean your bathroom, baseboards, and floors for an uplifting scent and a sparkly clean home. 

Quick Tip #2:  Add to a diffuser or spray on a gloomy day to bring some brightness and energy to your home or office.

  • This blend is heavily phototoxic. Do not use on the skin if you are going outside.
  • Do not use citrus oils on your skin undiluted. There is a strong chance of irritation.
  • Do not use topically on children.
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