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OUCH!  is an excellent synergy of essential oils for all minor cuts, scrapes, wounds, and bruises.


Benzoin  fights against bacterial and fungal infections of the skin. It reduces inflammation, eases itching, and helps to heal skin irritations.

Lavender  kills bacteria, prevents scarring, and eases pain. It is used on minor burns, cuts, and wounds.

Patchouli  reduces inflammation, kills bacteria, and fights fungal infections. It is excellent for all minor wounds.

Tea Tree  is an excellent essential oil for all types of infections, wounds, and viruses. It can kill bacteria, stop the growth of viruses, and destroy fungal infections.



Quick Tip #1:
  Add 2 drops of Ouch! to 1/2 teaspoon of carrier oil or Aloe Vera Gel. Rub directly onto cut.

Quick Tip #2:  Add 10 drops to 1 oz distilled water in a spray bottle. Keep with you and spray on any minor cuts or wounds as needed.


  • This blend is safe to use topically as long as it is diluted first.


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